sad truth
24.07.15 | 6:26 pm

i have a really bad headache right now, the kind that makes you sick to your stomach. it won't go away.

today, i was offered a full time ESL instructor position... for $20,500 a year.

the last half hour has just been spent crying.

there is nothing for me here. the jobs just don't exist. they literally don't.

i'm tired of trying. if i stay with my current school, i'll have four classes, plus an executive student for two months (an extra 9 hours a week for that long). it's better pay, even if i'm not paid for planning.

i'm so... sad. depressed a little, even. my master's degree that i worked so hard for is worth nothing. less than nothing.

and all it boils down to is:

i know i can't stay here.

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