i can take charge
17.08.15 | 7:00 pm

the weather here changes quickly and terrifyingly, like when i was caught out of nowhere driving home in a flash flood, the water rising over halfway above my tires on my little sedan.

the thing that worries me the most, i think, is that if i'm caught in such terrible weather, it's far less likely that there are people near who can get to me. who would get to me.

i think i'm homesick.


after a weekend full of alcohol and candy and an excess of sex (which was like a huge, beautiful release of stress), i'm starting this week off right.

i've been eating fruit and vegetables all day, i walked the dogs one mile and we ran a mile, and i did a half hour of yoga. i've been guzzling water and i feel relaxed and healthy and happy.

i think maybe i've found my dedication again.

(but this was only possible because i left work two hours early, afraid of the impending storm.)

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