moving soon
05.12.15 | 12:48 pm

matt's dad (who was in the icu, kind of touch and go, because he's an alcoholic and his body has started to shut down) is fine.

my student and i sent off his personal statement by clicking the button together.

i am actually putting forth an effort to learn spanish.

we signed the lease.

i am interviewing for a full time position at my job that may or may not include teaching.

the girl on tv just said "orientated" instead of "oriented."

the night before last, i had a migraine, woke up at 2am, couldn't sleep, had an ice pack on my head for two hours, got up at 5am, got to work two hours early at 7am, and had a miserable, exhausting day.

i love my teachers at work.

i led my first faculty meeting all by myself and it went really, really, really well.

i enjoy the administrative part of my job, but not if it means i won't be teaching.

maybe if i work here for another year, and have these great qualifications, i can go to work for the US department of state and become an english language fellow. maybe. my application would not be the most competitive.

i am already thinking about how i want to improve my life when i gain two extra hours from dropping my commute.

...i am fiercely ambitious. i am always working to improve myself, to be better, to be the best.

i am worried it is at the heart of my dissatisfaction.

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