teacher vs. coordinator
11.12.15 | 9:57 am

i think i might have just admitted to myself that i don't even want that promotion.

i don't want to be an education coordinator, even if it means more money, even if it means more responsibility, even if it looks better on a resume.

i'm a teacher.

i care about my students. each and every one of them. i get to know them, try to understand their struggles, try to relate. and i love them all.

i don't want anything to distract from that. i really don't.

this probably means accepting the fact that i'm going to be part-time for a very long time. am i ready for that? who knows. is a salary and health insurance worth the extra stress that i don't even really want, except for the title? except to feel like i'm rising to the occasion? except to feel like i should be a leader? i really don't think so.

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