missing home
25.02.16 | 9:03 pm

glass of chardonnay, lying on the couch with emma, matt, and molly. sort of being mopey.

it's nice being out here. i like it, even. but it gets lonely. i miss having friends i can hang out with without pressure. i miss all my friends in kentucky.

i've been talking to matt tonight about all of this. part of my really loves my job so much that i don't know when i would want to leave it. another part of me knows that these schools don't exist in kentucky, so how could i ever leave such a good deal?

more than anything, i miss people. i miss my family and shopping with my mom. yesterday, i talked to my dad for 45 minutes straight and i miss him so much.

it's great out here, but the people aren't the same. friends are flaky. no real family.

i'm just going to drink my wine tonight and sulk.

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