08.03.16 | 3:16 pm

today is my second day being home sick from work. i tried to go to work this morning, but i had a 102.1 fever and they saw how terrible i looked and sent me home. i feel terrible though.

matt's 28th birthday was yesterday. he ended up taking care of me all day because he's sweet.

this past weekend, toni (matt's friend from college and an acquaintance of mine) stayed with us because her sister had a grad school interview in denver. it was so much fun to go hiking and show them around and be able to hang out with people.

she and matt almost dated at one point.

my parents keep saying that they're going to come visit. since three of my brothers got married last year, the plan was to come in december. then when that didn't work, it was supposed to be february, and then june. now, they're all planning a trip to boston. they can't come see their daughter in denver because it's too expensive, but by god, they'll go to boston (where they've already been!).

my feelings are hurt. i don't think they're ever actually going to come visit me.

but next week we are going to new orleans and that will be a fun break.

i'm tired from writing all this out i need a nap.

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