18.03.16 | 4:30 pm

i spent the last three days with 80 degree weather, walking around in shorts and flip flops, acquiring a sunburn, drinking in the street, eating crawfish out of the bag, and having a really lovely time in NOLA.

it was really good to be around one of my first real college friends again.

matt is sleeping beside me now, snoring. i love him so much when it is just us, when he is snuggling with me and when he's quiet and sweet. but when we're around people it's like he gets nervous and has to become this outrageous side of himself - always talking in a raunchy way about drugs and sex and whatever else he can think of - and it just turns me off. he's not like that in our apartment, when we're reading or cooking or talking. but he is around other people, and it's obnoxious, and i have to tell him to chill out and it's not good for either of us. i don't know entirely what to make of that.

it felt familiar to be in the humidity, with my curls immediately falling out and being covered in a thin layer of sweat. one thing is for sure - colorado's weather is heads above that side of the country. the plane landed while it was snowing.

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