prom is today
09.04.16 | 8:44 am

my friends can't answer me for days about going to yoga but they can text me to feed their cats (and give me $20 and fresh eggs in exchange so, not so bad).

this morning i am thinking how great it would be to pack up my car and put emma in the passenger seat and drive home.

matt is making breakfast. there is a girl at his job who has a crush on him (she is only 22), and that is cute to me. i am sure it makes him feel good, or at least i hope so.

today is prom and i am a chaperone. i wish i had any clothes to make myself look nice. i miss going shopping with my mom.

it's all just disjointed thoughts here anymore.

i don't feel great about myself. never feel desirable. wish i did. etc.
i have to grade a lot today. it's whatever i guess.

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