20.04.16 | 6:29 pm

my mindset has always been that i'm not good enough. a lot of this doesn't exactly come from a bad place; it's just that my parents raised me to work hard and do my best at whatever i choose, and i still adhere to that ideal, and a lot of the time, i'm just not doing my best.

but it's making me unhappy. insanely unhappy.

so i am going to relax. i am going to try to take things as they come, day by day.

today i spent $83 at walmart, mostly buying new workout clothes and tea i want to try. and that's okay.

i took the dogs out for a run. it wasn't great and it wasn't long, but it is better than nothing.

tonight i am going to dye my hair myself.

i am always in control, in a sense. i am in control of my mindset.

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