talking about my dumb self
19.05.16 | 6:22 pm

i know there is nothing really wrong with me.

i get sad, but i'm not depressed. i'm anxious, but i don't have generalized anxiety disorder.

i am able to get through my life and get done what i need to. the most that affects me is the days where i stay on the couch and even taking the dogs outside feels like too much. but it passes in 24 hours because i can't let myself be that unproductive for longer than that.

but i know that something isn't exactly right and it hasn't been right for a year and a half. i guess i already talked about all that though.

this week, i come home and think maybe i want a glass of wine. but then i talk myself out of it. and then i'm just exhausted.

i have gone to sleep at 7:30 and 9:00 this week.

i actually talked to matt for a long time about it yesterday. that was nice.

i just put a lot of pressure on myself. probably that's all.

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