we have friends we definitely have friends
12.11.16 | 6:03 pm

if you want to know how dumb i am, this is a thing i do fairly regularly.

because i am still sad and lonely and dissatisfied with my relationship, i sometimes have tiny flirtations with other people. these flirtations are often so tiny that the other person probably doesn't even consider them flirtations.

but at the very least, with this one, i know that at some point there was something mutual there.

then today, i found out that person is on a date with another person i know - someone i actually tried to set him up with several years ago. and that's cute and great and it may work out.

and of course, my stomach dropped a little bit, but also, i'm just a goddamn idiot.

anyway, i'll just keep watching crazy ex-girlfriend and try to commit myself even more to my wonderful, actually nicest person in the world boyfriend even though i want to be in kentucky and try kissing someone else and have it actually be enjoyable.

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