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10.12.16 | 1:46 pm

i just want to feel good about myself again.


i just looked up my pictures from 2006-2008 (you know that whole #2006vs2016 thing) and i was just cute. i was actually cute. i thought i was this terribly ugly thing that no one really wanted, but at the very least i really thought i was a good person.

i have always had low self esteem (thanks to several people and/or events in my life) and it has never gone away. i have been in this mode of absolutely hating myself and everything around me this semester.

and i remember 2013, when matt and i first started dating, when i was walking for running up to 5 miles a day, doing yoga at night, hanging out with friends multiple days a week, drinking blueberry wine on the weekends, and generally loving where i was and what i was doing.

why can't i feel that way again?

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