15.01.17 | 11:22 pm

i feel oddly stuck between two places, two opportunities, two different paths. security and stability and somewhat adventure versus friends and family and something new, the possibility of settling down.

and of course, as i waver between these things, i start imagining my escape.

a trip to spain and italy or germany and the netherlands, feeling free again as i did at 21, newly single in london, traveling by train and getting tipsy for the first time off of berry flavored ciders in a pub down the street, hiking up mountains and buying egg salad sandwiches for dinner.

and then i want to forge a new path. i want to travel far away and stay there, learn the language, eat a baguette as i walk down the street.

i want to feel fresh and renewed and like i can accomplish anything like i did that summer reading virginia woolf and writing short stories and walking through the breathtaking museums.

and i will - because i write my own story.

and 2017 is going to be MY damn year.

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