a. ham
06.06.17 | 7:11 pm

hamilton is coming to denver in february and march. in my head, i had this really cool idea that i would be able to buy tickets for me and my mom and dad because they want to see it too. but it turns out tickets basically start at $500 (aka, i'm a teacher and obviously could barely even afford for myself to go).

i also turned down the job at home today. and my dad is upset about it (even though he's not trying to show that or be mean about it). but my parents know how much i want to go home and they know i'm delaying it and they're worried about me.

one thing i can say for the last year is that my parents have been much more aware and willing to talk about my state of mind/"mental health" (not that i have diagnosed anything - i'm just a natural worrier and anxious type).

i hate making definitive decisions. something always feels wrong about them. so i'm going to have some wine and listen to hamilton.

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