conversations with your ex boyfriend you still live with
25.06.17 | 9:18 am

i haven't cried in two days. last night, we drank some wine and talked pretty bluntly about what we did wrong in relationships and what to do or not do in the future.

he already has three different girls who are clearly interested in him. and that's nice, really. for a while.

i am not going to have the same kind of luck. i might have someone flirt with me for two seconds about what we're going to watch this summer, but it's not a real thing. and it shouldn't be. yet.

then we talked about the way he acted toward other women at the beginning of our relationship (like hardcore flirting and slapping their asses kind of inappropriate behavior) and it just made me sad all over again.

it's been nice honestly being able to talk to each other about our relationship without so much pressure on us.

but i have to remember that i am not automatically okay. and i don't have to be, even if we basically knew this was coming for six months.

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