d and s
16.07.17 | 4:37 pm

last night, i married two people who are the cutest couple i know. two people who are absolutely best friends and head over heels in love. it wasn't beautiful.

i got to see friends from out of state, friends from hours away, and i got to spend the night drinking wine and jumping up and down and dancing and hugging people.

and i got to be around a boy, a nice boy, who let me take off his bow tie, who danced with me, who followed me back to the bar, and who ended the night with his arm around my waist (and mine around his), insisting he walk me out to my car.

according to everyone else (even those who left much earlier, before all the dancing and then being close to each other and touching each other's arms and quickly holding each other's hands, there was chemistry there, you were watching me and you were always making your way back to me.

i like it.

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