i can and i will
24.08.17 | 7:24 pm

so i'm sitting here waiting for tswift's new song to drop with a glass of wine while i'm listening through her last album.

this album actually holds a dear space in my heart because it reminds me of my last semester of grad school and the lovely place i was in.

i had just lost almost 25 lbs., i was surrounded by a strong, connected group of women whom i loved and who loved me and whom i got to see almost every single day, i was living with my very best friend, and i was in love with my boyfriend who, despite being in colorado, sent me a pizza and wine when i graduated, and i was studying what i wanted to learn and loving it.

i was so happy - honestly, since i was 21 (senior year of undergrad), it was the happiest i can remember being.

i knew where i was going and what i was doing and who i loved and who loved me and everything felt easy.

i want to get to that place again.

and i can.

and i will.

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