01.09.17 | 9:56 pm

i have strayed so far from writing - really writing - that i fear i don't know how to return to it.

most of my creative pursuits drop off relatively quickly anymore (because i always have something "more important" to do, whether it be work, school, health related, etc.).

it's hard to make time for things you like, for things that make you feel human.

but i'm going to try.

i fear that i'll need it - desperately cling to it, even - for the rest of this coming year.


i'm in a bad place. a dark place, perhaps. but i recognize it. and if you recognize it, perhaps that's half the battle.

(i hope it's half the battle.)


i cry several nights a week. i come home, exhausted, and can barely make myself move off of my bed.

but you continue to move on. the world continues to move on. and you can't be left behind.

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