weird relaxing peaceful thoughts
17.01.18 | 10:10 pm

i've felt oddly at peace today. it's my fifth day off work because of the snow, and we're not going to school tomorrow, either. so really, for nearly a week, i've been kind of to myself, with a few hours upstairs with my family.

normally, under these circumstances, i feel lost and anxious and i need to talk, talk, talk everything out - every little thing i think and feel. but that's not how i felt today.

i woke up late, i cooked, i worked, i did yoga, i read, i showered, and i've relaxed by watching tv. and i didn't feel like i needed someone here with me - not even the feeling in my chest that needs to get out in any way possible.

i felt okay.

i feel like i will actually look forward to going back to work. (who knows how long that will last, but it's comforting.)

on saturday, i'm seeing my favorite band with my best friend again (for the fifth or sixth or seventh time now, i don't even know, it's a lot of times) and i can't wait to drink wine and sing the lyrics really loudly and judge anyone who is not on our level.

and i would like to note if there is anyone who does not feel immediate happiness when "mr. brightside" comes on, don't trust them, because they're not a real human person.

things are okay, and they're going to continue to be okay. people come and people go. you'll have some friends for a while and then they'll leave. and all of this really is okay.

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