"you're 27 and you're still ALONE?" asked one of my students, incredulously
26.01.18 | 5:48 pm

remember when you'd come home exhausted on a friday night, brain fried from the long week, and you'd come home to an empty house--four hours with the dogs and just yourself?

remember how you'd pick up everything around the apartment, how you'd wipe down all the kitchen counters and all the surfaces, fold laundry, wipe down the bathroom sink, and sweep the floors?

remember how at some point you'd drag out your yoga mat and manage to do at least a few measly stretches to make your body feel better? how molly would lie down next to you and you'd bury your face into her fur? how emma would bring you her toys one at a time, insisting on playing?

remember how lonely you'd feel, but how relaxed, as you opened a bottle and poured yourself a glass of wine? alone for a few hours, until he'd come home, bring you candy, sit on the couch, cuddle up, and watch tv with you?

that's how tonight feels -- except for the last bit.

i'm alone.

and it's actually okay.

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