14.02.18 | 6:48 pm

yesterday, i turned 28, and i spent most of my night texting a boy who asked me about mrs. dalloway (my favorite book) and who said my stories must be similar to salinger's glass family stories (also a favorite) and who has never had a tagalong (the best girl scout cookie - of which i just bought three boxes) and who told me about pecan logs (what the heck is that, honestly) and who has a ukulele with a yellow submarine sticker and who sent me pictures of his overflowing bookshelf and who ended our conversation last night by encouraging me to text him today ("even if it's just to say 'you won't BELIEVE what this student just said about ethan frome!") and said that the second something interesting happens to him, i'd be the first to know.

so y'all can just kill me now before i do something weird to fuck this up.

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