dating is the worst
12.03.18 | 6:59 pm

i find when i'm focusing too much on dating or possible relationships or what have you, i start to feel weirdly isolated and lonely. i begin to feel as though i need to talk about everything that's going on in my head, like i can't possibly keep it all inside or else i'll explode.

i don't like those feelings.

so i'm considering deleting all of those dating apps (again - it's an endless cycle of download, delete, download, delete).

at the very least, the yoga i did tonight and the workout i had earlier today allowed me to focus on one thing at a time. it kept my mind off the negative feelings.

i need to take a better, more holistic approach to all of this. i want to be someone who can focus on myself, and i've been trying - that's why i've come up with my Best Summer Everâ„¢ and decided to actually do all the things i want to do this summer regardless of who will do them with me. (luckily, people will do them with me.)

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