3 year plan and tarot
18.03.18 | 9:13 pm

so, every three years, matt, erin, kayley, and i get together and make predictions for what our lives will be like in the next three years. we read the previous ones out loud and laugh about what we got right or wrong.

we did that again today, and a lot of my predictions came true (full time job!), but many didn't (find out where i want to live). i noticeably said nothing about my love life (i knew even then).

matt and erin's were spot on - move back home, buy a house, have a baby.

and even kayley's started off with "i will no longer be online dating because i will have found someone i really like" - doug was with us, and he was included in this round. matt asked, "are you sure you want to include him? that's a big commitment," and she said, "no it's not..." which was cute. she really loves him.

now that i'm home and in bed, i'm just thinking... it seems that i currently have little direction in my life. that may not necessarily be a bad thing, but it's a nerve-wrecking thing.


i did a tarot spread tonight about my love life and my next relationship. this is what i got from it:

i'm currently feeling like i'm supposed to be reaping rewards right now in terms of love, but nothing is happening. the next person i love is supposedly a master of non-attachment. it sounds like it will be a difficult relationship, and we'll meet through our recklessness. but the characteristics and the potential of the relationship seem positive - very loving and as though i'll learn a lot through it.

we'll see.

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