itching to get away
30.03.18 | 7:22 pm

tonight i feel the same way i used to feel in colorado - itching to get out and do something on a friday night, but utterly exhausted, and without anyone to really enjoy it with.

sometimes it makes me wonder if in our relationship, it was really just me and my personality that was the problem. (i typically don't subscribe to this, but tonight, i think i do.)

plus, sometimes i just miss being matt's friend. i've recently seen some memes that i know he would enjoy, and being able to just send them would be nice. but i can't - and that was his decision, and i have to respect that.

it pains me to say this, but i am so tired of being single. i am so tired of living in the middle of nowhere, meaning there are few opportunities to date (and what opportunities there are result in me driving at least an hour).

for now, i guess i'll just read my book and drink wine like i always fucking do, because this is my life, and this is where i'm at, and no matter how much i dislike that fact, it's true.

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