17.04.18 | 8:21 pm

i'm feeling a lot less of a need for alcohol for the last couple of weeks. tonight, i feel better chugging water, not sipping wine, listening to music and contemplating writing something or finishing cat on a hot tin roof.

i ran two miles today, broken down into pieces. the first mile hurt but the second was easier, i could go for longer - it reminded me why i used to like it. and now, feeling my muscles a little stiffer, but feeling accomplished - i like it.

i've been talking to an inordinate number of men from tinder lately, giving them my phone number on a whim. a few feel promising, but most don't, truthfully. i haven't found anyone i remotely like since alex back in february (which ended up being a let down).

i find myself so bored of listening to someone i don't know well drone on and on about things i don't care about or simply don't like. it's an weirdly exhausting waste of time.

perhaps it's just not a good time to be dating.

i can't remember how to embed videos anymore, but check out this song by sea wolf if you're feelin' frisky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu129ihLOyI

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