27.05.18 | 5:08 pm

i recently deleted all of my dating apps. it is nice to not have to put in effort with several people i am lukewarm at best toward.

when we did tarot last night, it essentially confirmed that this was a good choice for me. i'm finally listening after months of being told the same thing: this isn't the time for dating. this is the time for focusing on myself.

it's truly a load off of my back. i want to spend this summer with my friends, moving into my own place, and being kind to myself (whatever that may mean at the time).

things i am excited for:
-seeing hamilton next week (!!!!!!!)
-going to europe for two weeks (!!!!!!!)
-moving in to my own place (!!!)

i got distracted from writing this for about seven hours (i watched swiss army man and the lobster) if that tells you anything about my attention/dedication right now.

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