how is the daily updating going, tia? oh, i just find myself supremely annoying.
06.07.18 | 11:57 am

today, i'm going with kayley to illinois to help her move in to her and doug's new house they're renting. (i am sad that i will miss not one, but two family pool parties though. a lot.)

no luck apartment hunting.

no luck doing any of the work i honestly should really be doing right now (especially with the yearbook). i just feel like... this wasn't my responsibility, and i'm not even getting paid for it, so what incentive do i have? there isn't one. so i keep putting it off.

i was having fun talking to this dumb 25 year old boy on tinder and when i straight up said, "you're cute and ya seem cool" so basically let's meet up sometime... he stopped reply... dun dun dun, the life of dating. i'm 28 fam, i am a lot more straightforward than i used to be. maybe i shouldn't be. i just don't feel like wasting more time than is necessary.

now i'm also messaging this 35 year old guy named hank who wears glasses and is cute and said he'd watch steven universe with me so, eh. there are so many people in the world. that is both good and bad.

still, even after six months, my tarot cards are telling me that my next relationship will be with someone greedy and aggressive and horrible, someone who doesn't really know what they want, and the relationship is something i'll learn a lot from after it basically breaks me down. like, it's been telling me that - basically the exact same thing - for six months with very little wavering in between. can't i just get this over with so i can move on to something better?

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