10.07.18 | 7:14 pm

so for the last six months, i've been doing this "next love/relationship" tarot spread. and for over six months, it's been giving me negative, negative responses to everything. basically this person would be horrible, it would not work out, and it would be a negative outcome for me in general.

basically, this person is supposed to be waiting for something, and i'm going to have a negative first impression (the lovers reversed). the way we meet is iffy because it's supposed to involve sneakiness and unbridled ambition? but the way it affects me is the empress card - this typically represents motherhood (oh god oh god). it's supposed to be a relationship of self-acceptance and freedom, and it affects me by giving me stability and security. what i will learn is the two of cups - unity and partnership. this is the first positive outcome i've gotten from this spread in over half a year!!

does this mean the guy i'm seeing tomorrow is the terrible relationship and i'm just getting it over with and moving on to the next?! i don't know.

but it's weirdly calming, isn't it.

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