i've actually started enjoying writing every day again
15.07.18 | 11:04 am

i just did yoga for the first time in... well, since before europe, probably. almost a month.

i've tried since then, however. i would get my mat out, open the curtains, let the sunlight in... but i couldn't quiet my brain down. i'd try to sit for more than one minute and my brain would be so loud that i'd just get up and go do something else.

but i need to sit. i need my brain to be quiet. and doing this every day helps quiet it down.

we'll see if i can form the habit once more.


i still desperately want out of this house. still desperately want out of the county.

i applied to two jobs this weekend - neither would be great, if i'm honest, but they'd be far enough away from here, in places that actually have open apartments or houses for rent.


i will probably do yoga again tonight, after my nephew's first birthday party.

a longer session, i think.


another odd thing: i'm finding it really, really difficult to focus on either podcasts or music. i can get maybe ten minutes into a podcast before i find myself trying to find a song to listen to instead. but i'll listen to maybe 30 seconds or a minute of a particular song before i'm changing it to something else.

i guess it speaks more to needing my mind to quiet down. to focus. to settle.


okay, last thing, holy shit: so i was just sitting here thinking, i wonder about andrew, you know, the dude who actually made this weird corner of the internet. so this made me google a few things, and read a few interviews, and and and

THERE IS A DIARYLAND SONG (that he wrote):



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