i feel like i always try to use toothbrushes as metaphors and that's kind of weird.
16.07.18 | 6:49 pm

here are the three songs i learned on ukulele tonight:

it was the first time i practiced all summer. these three all resonate with me right now.

my brain is buzzing.


i cried for about an hour today because the dentist called to tell me that i would have to wait two weeks to come back to her before i could go to the specialist to figure out what we're going to do permanently.

(i'm literally making it sound like i don't have teeth or something. my teeth look 98% identical to how they were before all this happened. i'm not walking around without my two teeth or something, which is what everyone in my family keeps imagining.)

soon after, i finally brushed my teeth - with a new toothbrush i'd bought right before this all happened. and i expected it to hurt - i expected this new toothbrush to feel rough and make my sensitive, sensitive gums bleed.

but it was so gentle. and it felt so, so nice.

i wasn't expecting it at all.


last thing. been watching this tiny desk concert. it's a god damn delight.

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