time to change tactics
28.07.18 | 11:15 pm

i had the opportunity, i suppose, to go to someone's apartment tonight. but instead, i decided to drive an hour back home.

this summer has been all about me "doing what i want" (read: making out with whomever i want). and, okay, i've done it. and sure, it's been fun, overall.

but what it's actually taught me is this:

what i really want is someone who will consistently pay attention to me; someone who will tell me how cute i am (which is my most favorite compliment); someone who wants to watch movies or tv with me and let me put on the captions and also let me talk over the program; someone who brings me wine to drink; someone who will let me lay my head in their lap and play with my hair; someone i can actually feel comfortable sleeping beside.

so: a relationship.

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