07.08.18 | 11:54 am

all i want to buy are comfy clothes (i just spent $50 on sweatpants, sleep shorts, and a new bralette) when what i need to buy are teaching clothes (new skirts and blouses, mostly).

school starts tomorrow. tonight i'm going to try to start all of my good habits: walking emma, bedtime yoga, sleepy time tea, reading for at least thirty minutes before bed, my bedtime face + teeth routine.

yesterday, i was very cautiously biting into my (admittedly soft) dinner with my front teeth! and i didn't die.

i'm truly not feeling ready to jump back into the swing of things. but time doesn't care if you feel ready! i mean, it's noon, i'm still in my robe (i actually stayed in bed until 10 even though i'd been awake a couple hours), i just took a shower, i have so much to actually do today but haven't even made a real attempt to get any of it done.

to be fair, a lot of this is because addi is here and she slept in my bed last night and kicked me awake a few times, but still.

i have so many more thoughts in my head but addi keeps talking to me about an imaginary bedroom and i can't concentrate so i guess i'm done.

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