i should be over this by now
19.08.18 | 10:48 am

why do i only seem to like people who think of themselves as degenerates, people with few goals and little ambition, people who don't think ahead and just act without considering others?

truthfully, i think i need to actually get down to the bottom of why i find myself consistently attracted to the same kind of person who is so very different from me in ways that will, soon or eventually, drive me up the wall.


honestly, it's probably because they always look at me and see me as someone accomplished, someone very smart - smarter than they are - and i like that they're impressed by it. by me.

i'm very cute but i know that i'm not really a top pick in terms of attractiveness, and i like it more when they like me for my brain and my ambition and my ability to get shit done.


i'm so tired. i should probably drink less. my emotions have truly been on hyper drive for a week or so now. it's taken everything out of me.

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