tarot time
20.08.18 | 7:30 pm

i want to remember the tarot spread that i did today. it was a celtic cross spread, and i did it centering around my love life.

(i've decided i'm taking a break from dating at the very least until october. six weeks of not having to worry about it. six weeks of only worrying about myself.)


the heart of the matter - IV of swords. resting after a period of heartbreak. i'm in recovery from the recent betrayal and must look within to move forward.

the challenge - X of swords reversed. wounds are fresh, but the betrayal i suffered needed to happen in order to move forward. now focused on recovery.

unconscious - IX of swords. i'm trapped by my own negative thoughts.

past - queen of pentacles reversed. in my life, i've had trouble with work/life balance - i tend to go all out in one or the other and one suffers.

conscious - VI of pentacles reversed. i'm being giving but my intentions aren't great - the only reason i've been giving is for the attention i receive back.

future - II of cups reversed. broken communication. it will be difficult to have any kind of friendship with him because everything has broken down.

querent - the sun reversed. i'm approaching this problem through negativity and sadness. i'm missing the joys and happinesses right in front of me.

environment - VI of wands. the climate is one of, after a tough battle, coming out on top. (yay?)

hopes and fears - X of pentacles. i hope for the culmination of life's journeys, fulfillment from hard work. joy.

outcome - the wheel of fortune. of course, things are always changing.


it made me feel better. that's all.

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