random update stuff
04.09.18 | 7:44 pm

i tried to write an entry earlier today, but i felt foolish for some reason.

things that have happened recently/will happen soon:

-i am going to apply to a program to teach english in france. my first refresher french lesson is online tonight, and i have a lesson tomorrow on a different program, too. i think i may be better off with half hour lessons instead of one hour because one hour feels so overwhelming when i already have two master's classes a week and planning and grading and...

-i did my first workout for a two-month 10K training plan today. that will be four days of running a week but probably six days of working out total. i am very, very, tired. i added an extra five minutes of running to it (to prove i could, i guess?).

-i had a headache this weekend, like i used to get, but which i haven't gotten many of in the last year. i still feel as though i have a hangover from it, and it started on friday! i am happy these don't happen as often as they used to (once or twice a month, lasting for 2-4 days, then a headache hangover for a day or two after).

-i've been watching the new season of GBBO which makes me weepy. actually, everything makes me weepy lately. i don't cry, exactly, but i get that big rush of emotion of the start of a cry, and it's over in five seconds or so. but anything could cause it.

-my brain kind of hurts a lot more after i just got up. i could fall asleep right now, but again, class...

-i've been trying to do at least 15 minutes of yoga a day (usually closer to 30). i don't always do it, but i certainly feel better when i do.

this is enough for now.

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