at peace
09.09.18 | 1:58 pm

this self-imposed dating break is probably the best choice i’ve made in over a year. for this last year, i’ve been grasping at straws just to not be alone, just to feel a connection.

now, i no longer feel so desperate for it. for now, i feel so much at peace. i’m more focused on my own goals, on where i want to go. i am getting incredibly excited about applying for this program in france.

i am not worrying about if i’ll be alone this time next year because, if i’m lucky, i’ll be in france this time next year. why would i even want a boyfriend then?

i did my day 2 workout today (like four days late tbf) for my 10k plan and i ran for 20 mins straight without stopping.

i haven’t gotten drunk in three weeks. i may drink a single cider and then want to fall asleep instead. i want to wake up in the morning with energy to get stuff done.

i feel good.

i feel like i’m moving forward.

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