i gotta get a belly full of wine
04.11.18 | 8:29 pm

i find that as i get older, i resist staying in other places, where i'd have to stay in other people's beds, for very long. i'm accustomed to my bed. i sleep well here. and historically, i don't sleep well in other places.

but this weekend, the bed i stayed in was marvelous, and i awoke feeling so well-rested.

it's a good reminder, is all.


for the past two weeks, i've been saying often that it looks like "peak fall." the leaves have been changing, it's been rainy, and it all feels like the perfect fall moment. i am trying to notice these things, to actually be present while they're happening. it feels good.


my beatles songbook came in and the first thing i played was "her majesty."


i recognize that it always takes me a very, very long time to transition, to change at all. currently, i am content, but it has literally taken me over a year to become comfortable with the way my life transitioned after coming home from colorado. it is nice, for once, to actually feel at peace.

and yet in less than a year, i'm hoping for another kind of change again.

i can never sit still for long.

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