weird to remember these things
06.11.18 | 7:05 pm

today's PD at work was on cyber security and safety for teenagers. more than anything, it reminded me of this:

when i was 17, eric pushed me into taking naked photos of myself and sending them to him.

these had to be taken by a digital camera, uploaded to my family computer, and emailed to him.

he promised to delete them, but when i visited him at murray soon after, i remember them still being on his computer. we probably had a fight, but who knows if they were ever actually, really deleted.

i mostly remember not really wanting to do it, but wanting to make him happy, i guess.

i guess this remembrance has made me more concerned for my current students, because now, thanks to things like snapchat, the possibility for this kind of situation is much more plausible. that's all.


i've been reading through my own old entries and other people's old entries lately. sorry if i seem like a creeper. just curious, i guess, is all.

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