and how silly it is to be consumed with it at all
11.11.18 | 10:09 pm

i spent a truly lovely weekend with my friends who had come in from all over the state and country. last night, we meant to play board games but instead drank a little and just talked for hours and hours, and today, we had friendsgiving, and i hugged so many people and caught up, and we ended the night -- matthew, kayley, rayshun, josh, and i -- walking together back from the bar and getting a late night meal at denny's.

i can't fully articulate how lovely the entire weekend was.

and i can't fully articulate how it made me feel as though i am destined to be alone, that i will never again walk to a bar in the cold with someone's hand on the small of my back guiding me, and that it feels as though that is simply a fact - nothing to be upset over, just something to sit with and accept.

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