i wish i could think of memorable titles for my entries
16.11.18 | 8:40 pm

i did my tarot last night, a spread for "my next love/relationship," and the most striking thing to me -- besides the fact that it was overwhelmingly positive (the person is kind, compassionate, generous, and the relationship will actually affect me in good ways) -- was that the "way we'll meet" card mostly indicating a period of waiting, of delay.

the boy i was supposed to see tonight -- who i was supposed to see last sunday, but couldn't -- had to cancel because he's feeling sick, and so we've rescheduled for next weekend. but who even knows if it'll work out then?

his name is fernando.


i've had my niece for a few days now with our "snow days" (lack-of-electricity-due-to-ice days, more like). and we watched both mamma mia and mamma mia 2: here we go again twice a piece and we listened to the soundtrack on our way home from etown today. and those movies choke me up. and it makes my heart swell that one day, addi will look back and remember this about us, singing our lungs out saying, "but i won't feel blue, 'cause somewhere in the crowd there's you."

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