in one indescribable instant
09.12.18 | 7:35 pm

i spent this weekend surrounded by my grad school friends and it was lovely. it was so fantastic to curl on up the couch with zehra, rachel, cortney, and sarah, and to watch the spirit of christmas (ridiculous paranormal christmas love story on netflix, watch it), and to eat a large dinner full of mostly carbs. i've missed, more than anything, how much zehra puts her love for people out into the world, how she always touches my elbow for comfort, how she leans on you and lets you know how much you matter to her. i wish she were closer.


now, i'm back at home, in bed, warm with emma and my heater. and i'm tired. and every time i come home from a fun weekend away with people i love, i crash... i get sad. and that's where i am right now.

i did a lot of people's tarot last night, and i also did my own, the same spread i always do. it's still reading very positively, which makes me happy. but when will it happen? who knows, who knows.


i watched the newest episode of crazy ex-girlfriend today and remembered how much greg is 100% my aesthetic (which is terrible) and then went back and rewatched old greg episodes...

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