drivin in the dark toward you
15.12.18 | 9:53 pm

admittedly, i’m drunk right now.

and i wish i had someone whom it wasn’t embarrassing to drunk text.

but that’s okay.

i downloaded tinder again and the first two people who messaged me 1) messaged me about a girl i know and 2) propositioned me with a threesome. so. you know. it’s going well.

i think probably the safest bet is to not online date at all right now.

maybe even not to date in general.

i get too excited too soon for no real reason and then come crashing down hard to the earth.

do you think i could do an hour of yoga tomorrow if i wanted to? i’ll be hungover but we’ll see.

deep breaths

breathe through the pain

breathe through the inclination to text anyone again, be it fernando, mish, or matt, or friends.

i’m tired but i wish i had someone here willing to make me breakfast in the morning.

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