05.02.19 | 7:46 pm

i feel better today. i spent an hour outside with emma, i did my workout, i did my yoga, i did my language practice(s).

i have a glass of wine waiting for me and i'm going to watching another episode of dix pour cent and repeat french phrases i recognize under my breath.

some days it's better to succumb and give up. honestly. today has been an entirely new day.


i don't know why, still, i have this at the back of my head, that something will come of this. i could not tell you why. it's ridiculous. and i'd like it to go away, as there is literary no evidence supporting what's in my head. i am a crazy person: that's the takeaway.


momentarily i had redownloaded bumble (did i mention?) and two days later deleted it because it is horrible, everyone is horrible, and finding love (at the least, some company) while living here is not a possibility. plus, one dude i matched with turned out to have resigned from an old teaching job because he was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. cool! (i don't understand terrible fucking teachers, i really, really, really don't.)


i literally woke up with emma in my arms this morning. it's not all bad, eh?

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