cool love is great and all that i'm really great i'm fine it's cool thx
18.02.19 | 5:35 pm

i do feel better, no longer consumed with useless thoughts about what could happen. numerous times you said to let you know when i'm in town next, but i most likely won't. what's the use?

i want to be pursued, not reaching out. but on my very finicky terms.

it's the same thing over and over again: if they want me more than i want them, then i no longer want them. if i want them more than they want me, i'd rather die than continuing feeling that pathetic.

stand still! dead stop!

true love is obviously in my midst, right within my reach.

maybe my parents are right when they say i'll never get married (because i'll never learn to compromise, or something, as though i didn't spend my entire first four-year relationship compromising, as though i didn't spend the first half of my second four-year relationship compromising... which, actually, yeah, is a pretty good argument for why i probably am now bad at compromising.)


unrelated: i swear to you someone else is eating my bag of mini reese's eggs off my night stand. i mean, now there are only two left because i just decided to eat three, so it doesn't really matter, but still.

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