his name is will i guess
24.02.19 | 7:01 pm

i ended up going on a really pleasant, unexpectedly nice date on saturday morning. we met at a coffee shop (that had terrible chai latte - i took two drinks of mine, that's it) and we wound up talking for around three hours, until kayley got into louisville and i had to go.

i hadn't even been looking forward to meeting him. dating, i think, really does exhaust you.

for some reason, i suddenly feel really stupid for wanting to write all of this out. like i'm some sort of sucker for thinking anything will pan out. (i shouldn't get excited, either, considering the dude says he is "working on himself" and is interested in "casual but meaningful connections").

i'll just say this: i think we have very similar senses of humor, and even though we were there for three hours, and there wasn't even any alcohol involved, nothing ever felt forced or awkward. we were goofy and silly and it was nice. it sort of felt like we'd met before, in that stupid way people say that. no real touching, except for our knees touching, and the one time he touched my back while he was talking.

so it feels nice, dating in this way. better. more in line with my current values. maybe that's just where it starts.

we are going to meet up for brunch this coming sunday and some sort of activity.

at this point, i want to erase this all and just drink some wine. it's probably not going to actually go anywhere, but it was a really nice experience yesterday. it reminds me that maybe finding something nice is possible. that's all, really. that's all.

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