rockford and jeopardy
03.04.19 | 2:45 am

i came here last night to write some sappy, whiny entry about being single after watching the newest episodes of jane the virgin and crazy ex-girlfriend, but before i could finish it, my baby brother texted me at 6:24, “jeopardy?” so i went upstairs, glass of wine in hand, and my dad, my mom, my baby brother, and i all watched jeopardy, playing me against all three of them (i still won). and it was so much god damn fun.

plus, i got back yesterday from an extended weekend in illinois visiting kayley, and we went to a museum, a conservatory/greenhouse, we saw a show, we ate dessert tacos, and we sat on her couch playing a get-to-know-you game and answering the questions for each other before we confirmed/denied them (mostly confirmed). and it was so fantastic.

i don’t write enough here about the good things in my life. but i want to state truly that, most of the time, i actually am very happy. and that’s such a lovely thing to be able to admit.

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