first meet up
29.09.19 | 1:05 pm

last night, i met up with the other teachers who are in the same program as me here in the city. there are many americans, but brits, germans, italians, and spaniards too.

we walked together through the center of the city, following the music being played by several different bands. the musicians were dressed in gold sequins, sparkling in the streetlights. strings of lights hung all over their instruments, illuminating them even more. we danced in the street to "99 red balloons" (the german man laughing, wondering why that would be played here), 80s songs, and marching band songs traditionally played at football games.

once the majority of the group decided to head home, me, graziana (italian), nils (german), and jesse (american) walked to the l'epicerie, bought six beers for 5 euros, and sat on a bench in the middle of place pie, drinking and talking as the night air began to chill. nils taught me how to open my beer with his lighter since we didn't have a bottle opener, and my pure excitement at my success made them laugh.

at midnight, i made my way home, walking through these streets that are slowly becoming familiar to me, one day at a time.

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