another is waiting
02.11.19 | 10:33 am

i woke up with a few small bites on my arms and legs.

so i just spent my entire morning giving emma a bath and combing through her fur for fleas. i put (more) flea medicine on her. i washed every kind of bedding that she has touched recently. the second load of laundry is in the washer right now. i vacuumed the entire apartment, my bed, my mattress pad, my couch.

and in thirty minutes i have to leave so i can meet angela and we can go to orange together for the day.

it feels like i will come home and have to start the entire process over again. the last time emma had fleas was maybe five years ago. poor baby.


i'm tired.

vincent came over for a while yesterday while i was nursing my hangover (really just fatigue and the remnants of a headache). it hurt my feelings when i was trying to say the word for "watermelon" but couldn't think of it, and i tried to explain it in french (it's a big green fruit that's pink inside), but he didn't understand, so i just said, "watermelon?" and he just looked at me and said, "en français?" it wasn't even mean but my dumb feelings were hurt. anyway we googled it. it's "pastèque." for what it's worth.


it's my last saturday of vacation before work starts again tomorrow.

i was supposed to get paid this week, but i haven't.

i don't know.

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