i am going to write every day - she said, lying to herself probably
14.11.19 | 7:20 pm

i am sitting here making a list of goals for the end of the year. seven weeks.

and near the top i've written that i want to write here every day.

so i'm going to try.


tomorrow night we are having our multicultural dinner together. i am making sweet tea and, hopefully, biscuits (and i'll probably bring a couple bottles of wine, too). i am very excited to sit and talk in french and get to know everyone else a little better.

things i am going to be doing soon:

- joining a gym (~10 minute walk from my apartment)
- going to fitness classes at said gym (including yoga)
- taking salsa dance lessons (~5 minute walk from my apartment)
- having more one-on-one french help (at work)
- visiting marseille and paris again, but with my sister-in-law (in two weeks)
- possibly visiting amsterdam and brussels, or (if my visa stuff isn't complete) visiting other cities in france instead (on december break)
- continuing to have my online french tutor whose name is farrah and who is lovely

my eyes are getting so heavy writing this. why am i tired?


i keep seeing vincent and he says things to me like this:

i said something was perfect and he said, "you are perfect (haha)."

i asked him where he wanted to visit in the united states, and he said, "kentucky obviously."

he is sweet. but i don't know.

no one else is very enticing at the moment. maybe i shouldn't even be bothering. with anyone, really.

i realized last night i could extensively talk about astrology in french though, because we looked up vincent's chart (sagittarius sun, aries moon, libra rising) which was interesting because our moons and risings are switched.


my god i literally want to just sleep right now what is wrong with me

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