multicultural dinner
16.11.19 | 2:21 pm

yesterday, i made sweet tea and biscuits at angela’s house. she and daniela made lasagna, javier made guacamole, olivia made tapenade and brought a cheese plate, paola made rice pudding, and aidan made something puerto rican with rice and beans. we drank wine and water and when chris showed up with pumpkin cheesecake, some partook in his bourbon.

i am grateful to have fallen into a community like this.

but it’s still difficult. we played a word game (similar to taboo or monikers), but in french - and i can tell you that it’s quite difficult when you’re playing a game like this in a language that you aren’t too adept in.

i find it odd the different reactions i get from people. it’s legitimately 50/50 between people who tell me i speak well and people who say (or insinuate) that i really don’t.

it’s difficult for me to know that in our group, i am clearly the one with the worst language skills. i am trying to improve (when i told angela about my feelings the other day, she gave me the same advice everyone does - watch tv, listen to podcasts and music, make yourself talk more - and i explained that i do all of that and more).

i learned a lot of new words in the game, however. so there’s some good in that.

right now it’s 2:30 and i’m still just sitting on the couch. (to be fair, i walked emma for an hour, went grocery shopping, made lunch, and started to book things for brittany’s trip.)

i should shower. go shopping for more blankets, maybe a hat. i might meet some new people tonight for some wine, so maybe i shouldn’t look like a trash person.

i want to be better but sometimes i am overwhelmed by how far i have to go.

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